Carrie is a professional life coach who uses not only her knowledge but her intuition as well. She knows exactly how to approach a topic, so my understanding and thought processes enable me to move forwards in the best way possible. I found she helped me to feel comfortable and more confident in our sessions and as time went by our sessions reduced. But that was a clear indication to me that her guidance and expertise was working. Carrie has been a great life coach for me. I still remain in contact with her and I would recommend her services to anyone.

Phillip, Peterborough

Carrie is extremely empathetic, a very good listener, trustworthy and encouraging.
Her questions are thought-provoking, which helps you to rekindle your actual self. She converses with consideration and attention.
She has encouraged and helped me do the things that give me inner joy. This has helped me to blossom and see things positively. She has also helped me visualise my bigger goals, making me realise my potential.
She tries to bring out the positives and the best from you. It was a great experience having the coaching sessions with her.


Carrie is absolutely brilliant. Speaking with her totally changed my life for the better at a time when I didn’t even fully realise how much direction I needed. Carrie helped me find the tools to help myself, but I would not have been able to find those tools or even known how or where to look for them without her help.

Life Coaching with Carrie has been a welcome breath of fresh air and given me the clarity I needed in both my personal and professional life. Having gone from not knowing what to expect from coaching before I started, I would now recommend it to everyone. Having someone outside of my usual circle of peers and close family to talk to gave me a new perspective on life, and the strength I needed to confidently move forward. I have been able to navigate a difficult romantic breakup and refocus my career goals, which I’m certain I couldn’t have done before as I wouldn’t have recognised the opportunities.


Cambridge Life Coaching with Carrie has helped me reflect on my strengths and develop strategies to grow as a professional and an individual, as well as a parent. Often in the modern world, we are faced with the problem of how to balance different aspects of our lives while staying true to our core values and ideals. Or, perhaps, we are faced with the problem of how to make positive changes in our lives for ourselves and others, and we need space to reflect on important decisions or pivot points. I am extremely grateful for Carrie’s support in navigating this journey and I would highly recommend her skills to others.


Carrie – thank you for listening to me. You understood and addressed my problems from the first day I met you, and you helped me to understand myself by digging into my past with no intrusion. I learned to trust you, and allowed to help me when many times in the past I had refused to be helped. You always had an answer to any questions I had, and you would listen to me…anytime.

Thank you for being with me, sharing your knowledge and life tips throughout my healing process, and working with me to help me become a wiser and stronger person.


While I was sceptical at the start, I have been overwhelmed at the power of the coaching sessions and inspiring insights into myself that I’ve received. These sessions have definitely helped me to gain a better emotional understanding of myself and how I have previously allowed the past to impact the here and now. With Carrie’s help, I have been able to develop emotionally intelligent strategies that influence all areas of my day-to-day.

What a wonderful experience, thank you for inviting me to go on this journey with you.

K. Gregory

I was feeling low and frustrated while going through a difficult custody battle with my ex partner throughout what was a long arduous process I went to Carrie for help and support it was so helpful just to be able to share my frustrations with someone impartial I am so grateful to Carrie for helping me find clarity on what was a emotional and difficult time.